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Precise Modeling

Precise Modeling

In architecture design most important thing is Precise Modeling/ Using Precise Modling we give the finest level of quality and exclusivity with each project.

Imaginative Thinking

Imaginative Thinking

Imaginative thinking is a skill that needs to be honed. As humans, we all possess the capacity to be imaginative- to invent, design.

Creative Design

Creative Designs

An architecture must have some creative thinking abilities. Creativity in designs is important aspects in architecture.

Photorealstic Render

Photorealstic Render

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a model. The results of such a model can be called a Photorealstic rendering.

Our Architecture Designs


3D Still Image

Our clients enjoy the benefits of working with a studio of talented artists, offering a wide range of architectural rendering styles. Choose traditional, hand painted watercolor illustrations or pen & ink with watercolor renderings. When projects require a more photorealistic style, our digital rendering team combines art with technology to produce compelling computer renderings.

3D Exterior Rendering

It complement your 2D elevations by giving them a sense of depth and scale. Generally 3D modeling of exterior scenes is less involved than interior scenes. To increase visual effectiveness and marketability, highly detailed photo realistic hard and soft landscaping elements are utilized to site plans. Some clients have detailed landscaping and site plans complete with specifications including vegetation species, placement, GPS coordinates, existing conditions etc… Like interior renderings don’t worry if your schedules are incomplete, we are flexible to work with or without site plan specifications.

3D Interior Rendering

solutions can be used to virtually represent interior scenes. Services for interior scenes typically include space planning, global floor plans, interior finishes, look-and-feel components such as window coverings, art and accessories. Do not worry if your interior finish schedules are not available; we are flexible to work with or without detailed interior design specifications. hether a building is complex or fairly simple. Sometimes typical 2 dimensional views fast don't display what you really need to see. Using a 3D view of a section through a building gives a better view of last what is going on inside the building.

3D Sectional View/ Floor Plan

An Illustrated Floor Plan can be enhanced with cast shadows and gradation to look convincingly realistic and can be extended to include the surround site and landscaping for context. Through the use of a "Cutaway View" the expression of the flow of a floor plan rendering can be taken to another level. A section can also be executed in all of our presentation styles. We can offer an Architectural Sectional View as a byproduct of our digital renderings and animations.

3D Walkthrough

To achieve a true sense of spatial depth and environment, 2D renderings simply won’t cut it. 3D animation provides a completely different stimulation for the senses which maximize visual impact. Although hi-tech, traditional storyboarding techniques are used to produce every walkthroughs and aerial flyover scene. Even your typical Hollywood CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) film uses storyboarding to quickly establish shot and flow. Depending on the size and complexity of your scene, the production time will vary. Transitions and special effects are applied during post production. The final output can be delivered in any industry standard format from web friendly mp4, HDTV, move, wmv, DVD to Blu-Ray. Present to your clients via your website, YouTube, Vimeo or any digital media of your choice.

360 Virtual Tour

Sometimes used during the pre-visualization phase of complex projects, 3D virtual tours and panoramic videos are used primarily for validation. It is Considerably more lightweight and compact than full HD video, these 3D renderings are best suited for emails correspondence and sharing. Clients sometimes use 3d virtual tour files for their websites. Although HD videos offer superior quality, they are linear while 3D virtual tours and interactive panoramas are non-linear allowing the client to control where they want to view.

3D Stereo Image/Video

We at Dragonfly have very good expertise on 3D Stereoscopic animation and created few Architectural 3D Walk through animations using this technology. Its a virtual reality animation where viewers get a feeling of moving inside the homes, apartmens or resorts. Special projectors and red-blue glasses are required to watch 3D stereoscopic movies.

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